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Mac's Redmond: 10/9 - Fun in the Sun!

Hey! It's just me, Red, popping in for a pup-date! 

Hello folks! Redmond here. I haven't blogged in a few days. You were probably wondering what I've been up to. Where is that handsome pup? you were probably thinking to yourself. No worries! I've been really busy with my foster family and friends, but I haven't forgotten about all of you. I have so much to tell you about! 

I know you missed this handsome face! 

On Saturday morning, my foster family took me to a place called Yorktown. Apparently it's a pretty historic place. There is a beach, old buildings, and some shops and restaurants. There was even a festival going on with lots of people and loud noises and yummy smells. I was a champ with all of it! I got to meet lots of humans, both young and old. It was so wonderful to get all those pets and ear scratches! Of course, I had to thank those kind folks for all the attention they gave me. Since I can't give hugs, I was able to say thank you with the next best thing- a good, full bodied lean! 

And that's not all! I didn't tell you the best part...I got to make friends with lots of other greyhounds! There were eight of us in all, and a small dog I was told is called a beagle. It was like a family reunion. I had no idea there were so many other retired hounds like me out there. 

Here I am meeting some new greyhound buddies! That little
hound is called a beagle. Her mom jokes that she was a grey
once but shrunk in the dryer! 

Wow! Even more friends to meet! 
We got to go for a nice walk together, hang out by the beach, and then relax in the shade while our humans talked to other humans about the virtues of greyhounds. It was a greyt outing and the perfect day. Here, take a look: 

Walking the streets of Historic Yorktown

Here I am with my new friends taking a short
break. We were watching a family of "deer".
To be honest, they looked like greyhounds.
We're probably related. 
Here I am enjoying the sun and taking in the
sights by Yorktown Beach

Once we got back to my foster home, all I wanted was a good nap. That much excitement can really tire a pup out! I'm definitely not used to having so much fun. I can't wait until the day I find my Forever Family so we can go on adventures like this together! 

😴 Dreaming of my Forever Family

Until next time!

-Redmond 😘

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