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Mac's Redmond: 10/24 - Toys, Friends and Naps!

Hey Friends! Redmond here. Long time no see! 

Don't worry, I haven't been snoozing the
whole time I've been away!
I've been so busy since my last post, I haven't been able to pop in and say hello. I do apologize for being MIA, but no worries, I'm going to tell you all about what I've been up to while I was away. 

In retirement there are these things called "Toys". I had no idea what these were just a few short weeks ago, but now I realize I've been missing out on something greyt! I can't believe I've lived two whole years without these things! 
There's no escape now, blue stuffy!!
When you're all tired out from playing, it helps to take your
toys with you to your crate for a quick power nap...
...They even make for a greyt place to rest one's head!
Another greyt thing about retirement is having your friends over for sleepovers. Now at the track everyday was a sleepover with all the pups, but the retirement variety of sleepover is way better. This past weekend, we got to host another greyhound. His name is Oyster and he's also a foster pup like me. He looks like me, and is also two years old. We could be twins! He got a nice getaway and change of scene, and I got to compare notes on retired life. Here are a few photos of what we got up to: 
Lounging around...I'm the one with the Star Wars blanket
Here we are helping with groceries
Check out Oyster's awesome bat ears!
If you'll notice, I too have an interesting ear-style in this photo.

I've also discovered the importance of naps. I never gave them much thought before, but I now realize they are a necessary part of every healthy retired greyhound lifestyle. I can nap anytime, anywhere, anyhow! Check it out: 
In a crate
On a bed
On the floor
On a rug
Like a pretzel 
Bed and Rug! Two for the price of one!

Hey Foster Mom! Stop with the photos already!
What's a pup gotta do to get some sleep around here!?
That's all for now! Stay tuned for a new post coming very soon! 


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