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Stuck on Impulse aka Honey: 8/14 - Out and About

Hey there everyone, Honey here!  I took a daytrip up to Greyhound Central the other day and met some nice folks but I didn't find my perfect match just yet. Foster Mom says that just gives me more time to hang here with her and learn more new things and be even more ready to dive in to my forever home when I find it. She said she wanted to give me some lessons in socialization. (I learned that means I get to go on field trips!) My first adventure in socialization was to the family vet. All the people there were very nice but I found some other things there even more interesting than the people!

I could hear meowing through this door. Foster mom said despite my super
cute ear pose and begging face she would not let me visit the cat.

FM said that funny looking guy in the fence is called a "goat" and he lives here at the vet office. I called out to him but he wouldn't come over to play with me. How rude of him!

My foster sister and I went on another field trip to try and meet some other dogs who aren't greyhounds. We went to this great place called a pet store. There were nice people there who petted me and asked FM questions about me. There were so many new smells I could hardly take them all in. I met another dog called a "lab," she was not even a year old yet so really she was just a puppy. FM tried to take our picture together but we were too busy sniffing each other to take time to strike a pose.  Then I saw the strangest things. FM said they are called "guinea pigs" and I most definitely may not have one. They just looked like they would be so much fun to chase and play with but FM was too afraid I might hurt one. She can be such a party pooper sometimes! The good news was before we left the nice lady at the register gave me a cookie. I love cookies so much I almost forgot about those guinea pigs.....almost.

I could watch this show all day long!

That was a fun field trip, I hope we get to go again!

Well that's all the time I have for now. Until next time, love and nose kisses! Honey

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