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Artex Oyster: 8/24 - Days in the Sun

Hi everyone! Oyster here. 

Life is moving pretty slow now a days. I've really wanted to get out and stretch my legs, but since I'm not allowed to right now, foster family is at least trying to give me some time in the sunshine. Little foster sister wanted to make me a tent, so I had some shade. She's so sweet to me. I really do enjoy the tiny humans. They give me gentle pats and their mouths are always covered in something yummy to lick. (For some reason Foster mom doesn't really like me doing that...can't imagine why... It's a treat for me and they get a bath. Win/Win!) 

Anyway, I met some other neighborhood kids that are a bit older than my foster sisters the other day and I really liked them too. They crowded around me and I got to turn around and sniff each one of them while I got some pats. Some dogs may not like kids in their space, but I don't really mind, as long as they are gentle and giving me loving attention. I would rather they didn't hug me though. It's confusing and I wriggle a lot to get away from it. Ear and back scratches are my favorite form of attention. 

My heartworm treatment journey continues slowly, but surely. I'm really good at taking my meds and eating my food. I LOVE food in any form. It's so tempting when I'm table height to grab something, but foster mom has been rewarding me when I go lay on my bed during dinner, so I pretty much go lay down automatically now when the family is eating. I do like to watch you cook though, so if you don't mind me watching your every move, I'll be right there to be your sous chef and clean up any dropped crumbs. 

Here's some photos of me hanging out in my little outdoor bungalow with one of my human foster sisters. And me on my bed at dinner time.

Until next time! 


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