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Selene Storm 4/2/2018

Hello again!

WOW so much has happened since my last post. I am taking my retirement VERY seriously, meaning lots of chill time on my comfy bed.

My senior dog friend, Penny, is blind and deaf so I like to snuggle with her too and keep her safe from any harm. Sometimes she walks right under me and doesn't even know it!

See my new friend, Penny!?
She's got her head stuck behind that table!
And honestly, the cat hasn't been so bad either. Him and I like to keep to separate spaces, but I'm starting to kind of like him.

And let me tell you, going for walks is just the BEST THING. There are so many new people to meet and bikes to see. I absolutely love my walks. Foster dad tried to "run" with me around the block, but I don't think these humans know what "run" means! I was at a light trot if anything. It's ok though, I appreciate his efforts.
See my ears?? I get so excited on my walks, I just can't help but perk them up!

Then foster mom took me on a thing called a hike. WOW. I was climbing over rocks and roots like they were nothing. It was like our walks in the city but with so many new sights and smells! I even got my feet wet in a river. It was so amazing, and I got to hike with my new dog friend, Bandit.
Look at the train going by! Also look at this water I jumped into!
My new friend Bandit and I
watching the waterfall.
Bandit and I liked each other so much,
we walked side by side for the hike!

With so many new friends (humans and dogs) and sights I've seen, retirement is like a permanent vacation. I am so excited to go on adventures and lounge around with my future forever family!

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