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Eyes of a Hero: 5/6

I have been learning so much while in foster care. I have learned how to climb steps (although to be honest, I'm living in a ranch so there's only 4 steps to climb). I've learned to walk on all kinds of surfaces: concrete, asphalt, rock, gravel, grass, wood floors, carpeting. But I have to warn you that wood floors can be slippery when I get excited to run to a door to welcome people into the house.

I've learned to use what foster mom calls the outside bathroom. She said to make sure to let you know that I haven't had any accidents in the house. I always let her know when I need to go out.

I'm ok in a crate, but I prefer to be with everyone else regardless of whether humans are home or not. Foster mom says that I've been a very good boy when I've been left alone with the resident canines. But really how much trouble can I get into when all we do is sleep while we wait for the humans to return? I've also been allowed to sleep in the bedroom with everyone else and I'm happy to report, no problems! I settle right down and go to sleep.

My favorite thing about retirement is the food: a lot of it and all of it good. I've been learning that what ever is on the counter is off limits. I've been pretty good, but there sure are some good smells there.
I try to help with the cooking but they keep turning down my offers.

So many good smells!
A lot of time all the humans and dogs in the house are gathered in the living room watching TV. I'm not too interested in TV. What I'm interested in is love and lots of it.
I mean, how can you not love someone who's so handsome?
In the end, I love to do what all greyhounds do: sleep. I've conquered this part of retirement with flying colors.
It's a dog's life!

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