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Drier: 5/11 - Ain't No Party Like a Drier Party 'cause a Drier Party Don't Stop

Heeeeelloooooo, party people! I have had THE BEST couple of days. I turned four years old on the 9th. Foster mom made sure we celebrated! She gave me one of her egg yolks from her breakfast as a super special treat, I got extra treats, she sang me Happy Birthday while I wore this ridiculous hat, we went for a long walk, and I played with every single toy in this house. It was the most awesome day that I have ever had! Also, if you're reading this and it turns out you're MY family, we can totally celebrate my birthday again at your house. Ya know... Just want to make sure YOU feel included by spoiling - I mean celebrating with - me!

Elmo and I are still attached at the hip, so he's gonna follow me to my forever home. I simply CANNOT part with him. He's my snuggle buddy. I love him. He loves me. We were basically made for each other.

My foster sister Sunshine and I have been spending as much time together as we possibly can before I start meeting families. I am sure gonna miss her, but I am ready for a couch to call my own! I am thankful to have been in this home with her. She's taught me a lot like what "outside" and "cookies" means.

Which is another thing! I am the biggest, bestest girl! (I'm a dog, not an English student - don't judge my grammar.) I know that I have to use the potty outside and not inside. I am great at letting foster mom know when I need to go potty, so if you hear my whining for "no reason" or pacing back and forth, it's "potty time!"

Anyway, I am excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow could be MY DAY! I bet I barely sleep a wink! This feels like Christmas eve!

Big 4 year-old!

Sunshine and I getting in our snuggles while we can.

Letting Elmo nap while I play with the dragon.

Now I need a nap. I like to let it all hang out.

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