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Kenya - 3/1

Hi all, It's been a while since I posted as Foster Mom (FM) been super busy with a big project at work that she was stressed about.  FM said snuggles and hugs from me were the best thing after a crazy day.  She told me that I am just the best foster girl a FM could wish for.  Here is some information about my foster life so far:
I get along greyt with my foster bothers.  I am very well-mannered in my crate when FM is at work and comes home.  I wait quietly to be let out,  though my foster brothers make quite a ruckus.  They leave me alone sometimes for my alone time training and occasionally I cry for a minute, but sometimes not at all.  I love the big teens in the house and the daddy, they all give me lots of pets.   I had my teeth brushed the other day and I didn't mind it a bit.  My foster brothers throw around these things called toys, I haven't tried it yet as I’d rather be right next to FM, but they tell me it’s fun.  I sleep quietly through the night if I have someone in the room with me. I can go up and down the stairs in my foster home, no problems there! I follow foster mom around so I can always be close by and she says I am a Velcro dog, but she does give me tons of hugs and treats, so why not?
I am inquisitive and like to know what’s going on.  I am learning the down command and FM says I do it way better than my foster brothers.  I do a little bouncy jump when I get excited so FM turns around and ignores me until I calm down, which happens pretty quickly once I know what she wants.  I listen well and follow the house rules, though I do like to sniff counters and have been known to put my paws up there when there is something yummy smelling around.  When that happens FM says “Ah Ah” and lets me know it is not okay with her voice. I haven't done the counter thing in a while so I am trying my best on that one, though I may need reminding on the counters in a new furever home.  They have this big box that lights up and makes sounds which they call a TV. To be honest, that TV thing sort of makes me nervous.  I am getting used to it, but right now I like to stay away from that TV. I am a good walker. FM says I do weave a bit on the leash, but that's getting better every day too.  No accidents in the house at all since coming to stay here.  So that is my Kenya update for now.  I keep learning new things and will work on some of the old things so I will be perfect for my new furever family, though FM thinks I am pretty perfect already!  So that's my update for now.  Don't I sound like I would be Greyt for your family #RestingUp4FureverHome  #RetirementisGreyt  #dontshopadopt  #Kenyastories

getting a hug from foster dad

giving FM a snuggle

having a dental treat after teeth brushing

a little morning yoga

what's for breakfast?

me and my buddy Kipper ❤❤❤

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