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Rictor: 12/13 - helping FM

Know what I like to do?  Help FM when she's in her sewing room.  I'm not sure how she ever got anything done before I showed up.


Viesta - 12/11 My Temporary Stop

I didn't go straight to my foster home. I spent a couple of days at auntie Carroll's house with her 3 pups. We all got along pretty well. They showed me around the yard and house. I was very interested in every room of the house and I checked every inch of them. Everything was so new and different.  I didn't have any trouble with the shiny floors. I found these wonderful beds and each dog got to pick one. Auntie Carroll had to point out the beds a few times before I settled into one but I like them.

I made friends with the only girl in the pack. Her name is Dolly and she hung out in the yard with me and slept in a crate at night in the dog room so I wouldn't be lonely. Auntie Carroll said I was really good for my first nights sleeping a home.

I found these wonderful stuffed toys and I got to have my own play time. It was amazing!

I was getting use to the schedule here of when to eat, when and where to go potty and where the good beds and toys are.  I was even learning how to wait for my turn to get treats.
Then Auntie Carroll packed me up and said it was time to go to my foster home.  She promised there would be dogs and food and treats and beds. I was really good riding in the car. I wanted to be on the front seat but auntie Carroll said good dogs have to be in the back. I settled for the back seat and got as close as I could to my driver. She seemed sad to send me on my way but she told me to be good and she would check on me until I find my forever home.

Viesta - 12/10 The Start of My Journey

Hi I'm Viesta.
I already know what you're going to say....that's a weird name. I agree and think Abby might be a better name. I don't really have a preference yet.

I started my journey into retirement last weekend with 3 of my friends. I had a long ride from greyhound central down to VA and I like to ride in comfort. I climbed up on the seat of the van and slept quietly. Auntie Carroll let me ride on her back seat too.  She says I ride like a pro. I think that's a good thing.

Rictor: 12/10 - synchronized napping

Guess what?  One of my foster siblings is another boy, who looks like me!  FM and FD have had fun trying to tell us apart.  Its kind of hard when you look  quick!

Can you tell which one is me?


Joe - 12/10/17 - Let it Snow!


It's Joe.  This weekend I saw the most amazing white stuff falling from the sky.  I stuck my nose in it and it was so cold.  I ran around outside while my foster dad shoveled the deck to make it easier for us dogs to get around.

I hope it snows again real soon.  See you all around.


Sandy 12/9 - That's Mr. Sandman to you!

Meet Sandy.

Now, with a name like Sandy, you'd probably expect... I dunno...  this...
or maybe

but since HE is neither, and decidedly NOT a girl greyhound, I like to call him Mr Sandman.  Now, to help you remember, I have written a completely original, not-inspired-by-any-other-song-trust-me jingle.  It's a catchy tune.  And completely unlike anything you might have heard before.  In 1958.  by The Chordettes.  At all.

Mr. Sandman,  he's such a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung)
He's the cutest foster that I've ever seen (bung, bung, bung, bung)
Give him a bed so he can roll over (bung, bung, bung, bung)
Then tell him that his fostered nights are over
Mr. Sandman, he needs a home (bung, bung, bung, bung)
Don't have nobody to call his own (bung, bung, bung, bung)
your eyes are like a magic beam
Mr. Sandman, you're such a dream

Mr. Sandman, he's such a dreamHe is the cutest foster that I've ever seen
Give him the word that you're lookin' him over
Then tell him that his fostered nights are over
Mr. Sandman, he needs a home
Don't have a family to call his own
your eyes are like a magic beam
Mr. Sandman, you're such a dream

Mr. Sandman (yes) you're such a dream
He's got a pair of eyes with a "cute puppy" gleam
He's got a big heart just like a greyhound
and you can take him all over town
Mr Sandman, somewhere to live  (somewhere to live)
Would be so peachy for you to give
his eyes are like a magic beam
Mr Sandman, you're such, yes, yes, yes,
Mr Sandman, you're such a dream

Helen 12/8

Hello Everyone,

My name is Helen and I am still a puppy.  I was born in March of 2016 so that makes me 21 months old.  I have never raced, but please don't hold that against me.  I like to play, play and play and sometimes eat and take naps.  I am a pretty happy little girl.

I am living with my foster family which includes two boy greyhounds.  They are both in love with me, even if I do say so myself.  They are both "older" so I can run rings around them.

I am looking for a family that will embrace my puppydom.  I like to get and give kisses and I especially like snuggling on the bed with my foster mom.  She tells me that foster pups are not supposed to get on the furniture, but I think I am an exception to that rule.

If you think I might be a good fit for your family, give the folks at GEGR a call and they will tell you all about me and maybe set up a "meet and greet."

Until later,