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Mac's Cardinal - 6/20/18 Dreaming

Foma told me that I graduated! She said I didn't have to sleep in the crate at night any more because I sleep all night and I don't have accidents in there.  I got to come upstairs with all the other pups. Those stairs are scary but I finally did it.
I was a good girl and slept on a dog bed all night. I found a window to look out of while I waited for foma to get ready for work. I was just wondering what my forever family would be like. I hope they have nice soft dog beds and good food. I think I'd like a friend to keep me company. I hope they give me hugs and kisses every day. It's nice to dream but I hope my dream comes true.

Flying Dogwood - 6/20/18 Please Oh Please

Hey there Foster Mom. So I noticed you're standing by the snack shelf. You know where all the good stuff is. Can I have a snack? I would get it myself but I can't reach. Uh what I mean is I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to reach.

Ok focus foma. I need a snack. Yes, I did just have breakfast but that was ten minutes ago and I'm starving again. How's that possible? I'm a growing boy and you said yourself I need to gain a few pounds.

So can I have that snack now? Please oh please? Well what if I sit? See how I did that without you asking? Can I get it now?  Pppplllleeaaaasssseeee???
Ok what if I smile pretty?

Num num num.  Ma hansum smile works ebery time.

Gotta go. I need another snack.

Susie - What I Like About Retirement - 6/21/2018

Hi all:

Dog lying on its back on a dog bed
Look how well I'm doing!
Susie here. I wanted to tell you a bit about what I like about retirement. The answer is... pretty much everything! L and J have to go to work all day, but I get to hang out with Mr. G and Miss Thing at the house, which I'm pretty good at.

Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, my foster brother Mr. G and I get to go on more walks and we see more people when we are out. I like to greet everyone and it makes me sad when they don't say "Hi!" back. I've made a few dog friends too. L and J say I walk really well on the leash.

When I'm in the house, I like to explore. I've learned to go up and down the stairs, although there isn't really anything upstairs, so sometimes L tries to stop me from going up there. I also like cuddling with people and following them around to see what they're doing. When I'm not exploring, I relax on my bed. I've been working on my roaching, and I'm getting really good at it.

Ok. That's all for now, but we'll talk soon.


Ramon: 6/21 - personal space

Hey there friends!  As you'll notice, I don't have any issues with personal space.  Olive took my comforter the other day, and then I decided she'd make a nice pillow.

I heard she's not usually this tolerant so FM said that she must like me.

I heard FM saw "awwwww" when she saw my feet.  I'm not sure why she said it cause I was just sleeping, and she woke me up.  

Better known as FM's chico guapo. 

Claridge - 6/21/18 - Naps and Walkies

I like all of these dog beds, and I've been trying them all out here in my foster home.

I went on something called a "walk" today with my Foster Brother Trent. We had a fun time checking out the neighborhood. There were so many smells to sniff, and so much stuff to pee on! 

I like the birds that fly around here. They're fun to watch.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures.

VJ May Fly (Ashley): 6/20/18 - Fun Times

Hi Everyone,

Ashley here! I took over the blog for foster mom 'cause I couldn't wait to tell you what fun I've been having.

Yesterday, I went to a big place called Petsmart. It had so many smells and I had to check everything out. I saw some other dogs and people, but was most interested in looking at toys! Speaking of toys, I love them! My new forever family should be sure to have a bunch. I especially love the soft fuzzy squeaky ones and squeaky balls.

Today I went for a walk around the neighborhood and saw a bunch of those fuzzy things that look like what I chased at the track. But these were eating the grass and foster mom called them rabbits. I tried to get rid of them for her, but she told me it was best if I didn't try to chase them. I want to make her happy, so I was a good listener even though I got really excited.

Well, I've had a busy day, so it's time to lay down and rest. Can't wait to meet you forever family! I know you're out there waiting for me:-)

Woof Woof,

6/20/18 - Claridge The Dude Abides

Hi folks, Claridge here reporting on my first week of retirement. There's so much to see and do that I've never done before!

I helped my Foster Mom hold down the kitchen rug. She said I'm an excellent helper!

I didn't know about dog beds...

...but i figured it out fast!

My Foster Mom says I'm chill, like The Dude from this movie. I've never seen movies before, so I'll have to take her word for it.