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TL Dark Skies 4/15/18

Sky has been coming along very well in his foster home. He has learned how to properly walk on a leash and has become a master on the stairs. He's crated daily when I either step out or go to work. When I return, he's very patient and quiet and waits for me to open the crate door. While he's very comfortable with the crate, he still needs to be bribed with a treat to go in. He loves toys and is very food motivated. We've been working on the "sit" command, but he's been a little reluctant. Not all greyhounds are comfortable sitters, but we're going to keep working on it.

Sky trying to figure out how beds work.

Sky's first roach!


Stop sitting on the couch and play with me!

Where's Sky?

Selene Storm 4/4/2018

Howdy! I just wanted to stop in and show you all these photos of me in my favorite lounging positions. Foster mom thinks they're funny, but I think they're pretty comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I'm enjoying my retirement!

xoxo Selene

Love ~ 4/3

Okay, I promised you lots of pictures, so hope you're ready for them this week!

Foster mom has trouble capturing me sometimes because I'm always on the move;
she says I keep her on her toes and make her smile.

My next discovery:  TOYS!!!  
I'm quickly becoming a pro at tossing them around 

You can shake them
And carry them to any place you want.

The other dogs said you can chew on them too.

Not sure of that though, I prefer tossing them (so far)

I just love playing with them and finding new ones to try out. 
How cute is this one!?
Keep an eye out for the video of see me catching them in midair too!!!
Promise to get it here real soon!
Can't wait for you to come back and see some more pictures
(and to maybe come home with you FOREVER!)


Love ~ 4/2/18

Well Hello again!  
I haven't forgotten about all my admirers. 
 I've just been so enthralled with this new life!
Got LOTS of pictures and thought I'd share a few while I have a second.  
I've been discovering all sorts of new things.  Here's the first couple:

There's the big box that has little people moving all around in it - I really hope they're not stuck in there forever!

And check out this lil' dude!

All I need to do is lay my head on his lap ....
And then I get hugs and scratches!!

I'm really sorry that this is short update, 
but I just couldn't wait any longer to start showing you all the 
interesting and fun stuff in this new world.  
Stay tuned to see what my next discovery was .... you'll love it (and me)!


Selene Storm 4/2/2018

Hello again!

WOW so much has happened since my last post. I am taking my retirement VERY seriously, meaning lots of chill time on my comfy bed.

My senior dog friend, Penny, is blind and deaf so I like to snuggle with her too and keep her safe from any harm. Sometimes she walks right under me and doesn't even know it!

See my new friend, Penny!?
She's got her head stuck behind that table!
And honestly, the cat hasn't been so bad either. Him and I like to keep to separate spaces, but I'm starting to kind of like him.

And let me tell you, going for walks is just the BEST THING. There are so many new people to meet and bikes to see. I absolutely love my walks. Foster dad tried to "run" with me around the block, but I don't think these humans know what "run" means! I was at a light trot if anything. It's ok though, I appreciate his efforts.
See my ears?? I get so excited on my walks, I just can't help but perk them up!

Then foster mom took me on a thing called a hike. WOW. I was climbing over rocks and roots like they were nothing. It was like our walks in the city but with so many new sights and smells! I even got my feet wet in a river. It was so amazing, and I got to hike with my new dog friend, Bandit.
Look at the train going by! Also look at this water I jumped into!
My new friend Bandit and I
watching the waterfall.
Bandit and I liked each other so much,
we walked side by side for the hike!

With so many new friends (humans and dogs) and sights I've seen, retirement is like a permanent vacation. I am so excited to go on adventures and lounge around with my future forever family!

LOVE! 3/29/18

The name says it all!

So, now that I'm settling into retirement life, I thought I'd let you know what I think of it!
After a longggg ride from the track, we all got pampered:
 spa baths, pedicures, ear massages and lots and lots of petting. 
Then we were ready to go to the places we're staying 
until we find our forever place in someone's heart.
I was told that I'm a perfect passenger!

The final trip of a long 1st day of retirement.

Then we arrived at the foster's home and I got to meet a whole crew of dogs.
They all welcomed me and I love hanging out with them!  
There were even some of those little fluffy cats too - I don't mind them at all.
Of course, I really like the people a whole lot so even if you don't have another dog,
 I wouldn't mind as long as we can be best friends!
Check out those ears!  Started making them wonder if I knew how to perk them up!

I was definitely a little nervous at first and was panting a lot.
But once I figured things out, I settled right in.  
Ugh!  I think I blinked!
Now that's more like it!

So, for now I'll leave you with that last picture of my gorgeous eyes and almost smile.
 (I'm working on that and pretty sure I'll be a huge smiler one day!)

Better mark me down, I'm going to make someone smile really big!


Selene Storm 3/26/2018

Hi There!! My name is Selene and for some reason people keep calling me a cow dog!?

I'm three days into my retirement and I am LOVING the retirement life. I found this big comfy bed in my foster mom's house and sometimes, I get so comfy, that I won't even get up when foster mom wants to take me outside! And even when my foster family has friends over, I just like to lounge out in my crate or on my bed and relax.
I'm so comfy, I don't wanna leave my crate!
This thing is like a fluffy cloud!
And then we go to the outside and it is INCREDIBLE! Foster mom lives in a city called Baltimore, and there are so many people and cars and dogs to watch! I just love seeing all the action and sometimes people even come say hi to me and give me nice pets on the head. Sometimes the little dogs bark at me, but I don't mind - who knew my species could be so small!?

I've also found lots of fun toys inside my foster mom's house. Apparently, I took the cat's toy and that wasn't allowed, but I just couldn't help it - playing is so fun! The cat is a little scary but I just give him his space.
Look how fun this little mouse is to chew. Too bad foster mom took it away!
Luckily, I found the other dog's toys (she's my senior old lady friend) and I'm allowed to play with those. It's so fun to make them squeak!
This dog toy is so fun, it's got me flipping upside down!
Snuggling with dog toys can be nice, too!

Well, that's all for now. I've got some lounging to do.