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Rebel: 10/21 - snack time

FM has run out of our evening snacks so last night we each got a spoonful of peanut butter.  I wasn't sure what to think at first, but then I got right to it.

Yum.  This stuff is good!

No I'm not sharing Olive.  Go away please.

Nom nom nom nom nom.

I'd like to take this spoon back to my bed please.

Okay fine.  I'll share the last little bit with you.

Here's hoping my furever family runs out of evening snacks every now and then!

Later Gator!

aka Rebelicious

Quick Quin: 10/20 - Saturday Mornings

Hi Folks, Quin here.  I am very comfortable here in my foster home but I know there is a furever home waiting for me somewhere out there. I can't wait to find it.  I've discovered that Saturday mornings are the best around here since no one is rushing to go anywhere. I thought I would share some of the things I like about Saturday mornings as a retiree.  Here are photos of my favorites.  #fostergirlquin #seeking4evahome #saturdaymornings

ear rubs
chin rubs
yummy smells in the kitchen
playing with toyEEZ
post play naps

Quick Quin: 10/17 - Busy Weekend

Hi all, its been a while since I posted. It was a busy weekend. Foster Mom's son came home from college for the weekend and he sure is one tall drink of water.  I am a bit shy but I wasn't scared of him. He was nice and gave me some honey nut cheerios which were fun little treats (well actually he spilled them on the floor..oopsie).  The grandfather came to visit too. So many new people to meet but FM said I did greyt. Saturday I went to meet some adopter families and show them what a sweet girl I am. I didn't find my perfect family yet, but no worries, I will keep looking for the right people.  It was totally fine since Foster Mom's sister made a turkey for dinner and all the pups got to have some. I wouldn't have wanted to miss that, oh my, was that yummy.  Other than that I have been working hard on retirement. Later.   #fostergirlquin                                                                                                         

resting in the garden

getting an ear rub or is it a foot rub?
waiting for dinner

Rebel: 10/14 - bed fail

So it took me awhile to figure out dog beds.  For more than a week, I laid on the floor, near them.  Now that I've watched the other resident 4-leggers use them, I decided to give them a go.  

Turns out they're perfect for naps even if I I struggle with laying on them the right way.

Later Gator!

aka Rebelicious

Rebel: 10/12 - treat time

I've decided treat time is my favorite time of day.  Well maybe after nap time.  Or dinner time.  Oh wait, walk time.  Oh and then there's play time!  Well anyways, you get the gist.  I like all things, all the time!  

Where was I?  Oh yeah...treat time!  Every night I get a brushing chew, and I eagerly wait my turn.  I haven't learned to sit like the other kids yet, but FM said learning to wait comes first.

From left to right: Secret, Olive, Charger, and me!

Me and Olive enjoying our treats.

Later Gator!

aka Rebelicious

Artex Oyster: 10/10 - So It Begins...

Hi everyone.

Oyster is finally resting, so I'll be blogging for him tonight.

Today was his first injection to kill the adult heart worms. If you are not familiar with this process, a heart worm positive dog who goes through treatment will get 3 immiticide injections deep into the muscle. One initial injection, followed by 2 additional injections a month later. An unfortunate side effect of this is severe pain and soreness at the injection site. Our boy was a trooper for his appointment, allowing the vet to perform her tasks without complaint. He received injectable and oral pain meds during his visit, but they weren't quite enough to take the edge off. So... we returned later in the day to get something a bit stronger, which ultimately did the trick. He's sleeping comfortably now. He will have more pain meds at his disposal as needed for the next several days as the pain subsides and the muscle heals. He is still on exercise restriction, and it is more important than ever that he stays calm as the final parasites are broken down.

All I have to say for this dog is that he is so strong, so resilient and so trusting of his caregivers. He is going through a miserable time and is still the same sweet boy I've come to know despite it all. We are giving him lots of TLC and I just CANNOT wait to meet healthy Oyster when we come out the other side of this. He's a really special guy.

On a positive note, he's gained a needed 7 lbs since he joined us at GEGR. His coat is still a bit dull, but not his spirit. When he is all healed up, his outer beauty will surely match his beautiful soul. So, send your love and support to Oyster as he faces the most difficult part of his journey to being a healthy retiree. I know he will appreciate your words of encouragement.

Thank you,
Oyster's Foster Mom.

 Waiting to see the doctor today.

Back in bed with an ice pack after his appointment.

Mac's Redmond: 10/10 - Walks, Walks, Walks!

Hello friends!
Redmond here with more Tales (tails?) from Retirement! 

My foster family has been taking me on lots of walks. They say I'm a greyt walker, but need to learn a few manners while on leash to help me enjoy my walks even more. I'm working on walking next to my foster parents and being a gentleman/pup when other dogs come around to say hello. I've been told I'm doing a really good job and have made real progress in only a few days. I don't see why anyone would be surprised...I'm a smart pup! 

I'm also working on my pre-walk manners. I'm learning to wait patiently while my foster parents put on my martingale collar and leash and to not pull when we get out the door. That last bit is a little difficult to remember because I just can't wait to get exploring! I can see why all this is important, though. Those leashes and stairs really make for a tripping hazard! 

Come on Foster Bro! 

I usually walk with my foster brother, but I've also been going on walks with another buddy, who is also a greyhound. And he looks just like me! He happens to be my neighbor at my foster family's house. A greyhound neighbor! What are the odds of that!? We've been having so much fun exploring the neighborhood together. He knows all the best spots and has really been showing me the ropes. It's way more fun walking with him than my foster brother who just wants to turn around and go home. 

Just look at us! Two peas in a pod! 

I'm a pup on a mission!
A Walkies Mission!
Anyway, that's all for now. Forever Family, I promise to keep working really hard on my leash skills so I can go on lots of walks with you. Better get your sneakers ready so we can pound the pavement together! 

Catch ya later!