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Kay's Copper: 12/5 - Where the (Slumber) Party At?

Hello, just your favorite turn-key hound reporting in! The past week or so has been pretty chill. I'm still minding my manners like the proper gentleman I am.

You know what else is gentlemanly? Cuddling. I'll cuddle all day! No strings attached!

See? Cuddles. All day. Everyday. Face to face. By myself.

I like to be where the (slumber) party's at!

Not-so-gentlemanly.... sometimes I like to let it all hang out. Sometimes... you just gotta let it all hang out...in a totally-not-creepy-or-weird-sort-of-way... this is getting awkward. Anyway, moving on!

Foster Mom made me my very own Christmas stocking! Can you believe that?! I hope it's filled up so much and so heavy by the end of it that it falls off the wall and RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH! NOM NOM NOM NOM
(*I wonder if Santa likes to cuddle? Maybe his reindeer? Surely one of the elves? Hmmm...*)

Anyway, that's it for now. There are zoomies to be zoomed and naps to be napped!


Kay's Copper: 12/2 - It's Beginning to Look a lot Like ZOOMIES

Howdy there! Guess what I just found out about? S A N T A!!! Did you know that if you are a good boy (or girl), that this strange, jolly fella breaks into your house and leaves you with all this cool stuff? NEAT, RIGHT?! I am SO excited! I wonder what Big Red (aka Santa) is gonna bring me? You know what I'd really love more than anything? A forever family! I only wish I had a narwhal pal to say "Bye Copper! I hope you find your dad!" I mean... I've seen some narwhal plushy toys at the pet store... ((hint hint)).

Just the thought of my own mom and dad (and maybe some kids, too!) just makes me sooooo excited! So excited, in fact, that I can't help but zoooooooom around the room! Watch me go! * vroooooom *

Phew! Now I'm tired... Guess I'll be off for a nap now. 

I sure hope I get to meet some more families soon! I just know my family is out there probably thinking of me too, I hope.

Until next time,

~ Coppaaaaaah

Felicity: 11/29 - Look what I can do!

Hey everyone just a quick post to show you what I've been practicing with Foster Mom! She says I'm real smart and you might want to see just how good I'm doing!

Foster Mom says down is just the beginning. Now that I understand that following directions like that will get me treats I can learn to do all kinds of neat things. Are there tricks you would like to teach me? I would love to learn them, especially if you have treats!! Love, Felicity

Cookie: 11/29 - walks

FM took us 4-leggers for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was a bit chilly out so Olive and I wore coats. I didn’t mind them since it meant we were able to spend a few extra minutes outside letting me sniff around. There was so much to sniff!

Until next time!


Felicity: 11/28 - Howly-day Time!

Hi everyone, it's Felicity and I learned another new thing that happens when you live in a house with a people family. They have special days they call howly-days. Nobody really howled so I'm not sure why they call them that but they sure are fun anyway. Last week I got to celebrate my first howly-day with my foster family. The people called it Thanksgiving, the resident hounds said they just call it super-duper food day. My foster parents were so busy in the kitchen making all sorts of tempting smells all day long.Then they started putting food on the big table in that room they almost never use. Then they put more food on the table and more and more until the whole table was full of food. They even moved our dog beds in that room so we could be close to them. And then the most awesome thing ever happened-- they put some of that special yummy people food on a plate and GAVE IT TO ME!! Really, I promise, I know I'm not supposed to take food from their plates but they set it right down in front of me where I was laying and told me it was all for me! I wasn't quite sure about this until I saw my foster sister got a plate too and she was eating hers so I dug into mine! I got turkey and potatoes and my favorite thing was the mac-and-cheese! Have I told you how much I love cheese? This was like the cheese jack-pot!

Well, after all that yummy food I was ready for a rest. Here's me and my foster sister both catching a good nap!

I hope you had a good food day too. My foster siblings tell me the next howly-day will be Christmas and that's when some guy called Santa Paws comes to your house while you're sleeping and brings treats and toys for all the good pets. Will Santa Paws be coming to your house? If you adopt me to be your pet I promise I'll be trying hard to be a good girl so Santa Paws will bring me lots of goodies! Until next time, Felicity

Denise: 11/27 - Loving Life

Hey it's Denise,

I've been pretty busy since Thanksgiving.  Oma has been giving us turkey and it is awesome.  Also enjoyed more leash walks and I love it.  I have a nice little coat too because it's kind of chilly outside.  I have been pretty good about the Christmas tree and haven't tried to take any ornaments off.  Really like figuring stuff out.

A foster family says I'm really smart and also really sweet.  I love neck rubs and just all over really.  I'm a dog you know can you blame me?  Speaking of being dog I really like to hang around the kitchen because that's where the food comes from but I also like to hang out of my crate, it's my safe place.

Am I foster home I sleep in the bedroom with my foster brother and sister Greyhound and my foster mom and dad.  I don't Pace I just find my spot and lay there.  My foster parents say I'm really chill whatever that means.

I heard I'll be meeting some new families this weekend I'm really excited about it.  I love to meet people you know.

Well that's all for now I'll check back later. 

Love,  Denise

Artex Oyster: 11/27 - Feeling Good!

Hi loyal fans!

It's me, Oyster. I'm so excited because foster mom says I might be finding my forever family really soon. I'm finally done with all of my medications and I'm more energetic and playful than ever. Foster mom says she can see a change in me...for the better (as if that was possible). I got some toys out today and chewed a bone...I haven't done either for a long time. I even tried to play bow with foster mom and came real close to trying a zoomie. It made foster mom so happy to see me acting like a young dog again. These past 4 months have been tough, but I know it's all been for the best so I could meet the people that are going to love and care for me forever.

So...here's my Christmas list:

1) toys, bones and yummy treats (plain milk bones are my favorite)

2) A family to call my own

See! Short and sweet. I don't ask for much, just all the love you can give. I promise, I'll return it ten fold.

Hope to see you soon forever family. I know you're out there waiting for me!