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Rebel: 11/15

Hi deer, It'z mee Rebel!  I'z sneeked ontwo the cumpewter whilst mi fawster mum is taken a nap.  Awll I reelly wanted to tell u iz dat I am reelly reelly hoping to find mi furever familee.  I amz wurkin reelly hard too beez da best boy ever.  I wonted too sheer sum stuffs abowt my ownz self.   Wen da toyz are in da bin mi mostest fun time iz taken em awl owt and zooming bak and forth throwing dem in the air.  Dis makes mee souper very happy.  Day tell me I amz frendly but mostlee I like to take a minewt to get two no sumone den I iz aktin like i did no dem forever.  Mum sez dat I givz da best tini kissez, she sayz she likes dat.  At nite I prefur too sleep on da same bed awl da time but ifin anudder dawg gets da bed I like, I downt get ubset.  I just fined anudder won to snuze on.  Fawster mom was taken sum fotos ub me tooday wit da liwdle dawg. I am frendly wit dat dawg but she duz make a lot of barkin noizez, dat I fink is redikuliss.  Ifin you wood be lookin four a new dawggy, one dat iz reelly reelly good lookin, dat wood be me.  Just fill owt an applikachun at GEGR.org on da cumpewter and send it in sew ewe can expairiants a terrifik dawg like my own self.  Heers a fotograft of me and dat liddle dawg takin da treets reelly nise.  Pleez ignawr doz udder needle nozez and just payz attension to dat most handsum fawn dawggy.  Dat wood be my own self!  Luv, Rebel.

Cookie: 11/15 - naps

In case you were wondering, I’ve gotten really good at taking naps since I settled in with FM, FD, and the resident 4-leggers.  My favorite place is to be near them even if there’s a bed close by.  If I can get closer, that’s the way to go. 

I decided to use the couch to shade my eyes. The morning sun was keeping me from my second nap of the day.

There’s a little bed for the littlest 4-legger in the office.  When the big bed is taken, I’ve got no issues squeezing in here. 

And when the littlest 4-legger is in the big bed, I’ll join her if there’s room. I’m glad she doesn’t mind sharing with me. 

Until next time!


Artex Oyster: 11/15 - SNOW DAY!

Hi everyone! Oyster here. FM is excited to share something besides me just laying around the house. I got to check out that freezing cold white stuff today called snow. The tiny humans had fun playing in it...I was happy to sniff, but when my tootsies got cold again, I was ready to go inside. Check out some of my pics below! Don't I look handsome against a winter wonderland?!

First tracks today. 

 Rockin' the snood. I could be a model pup.

Catching snowflakes on my tongue

 Walkin' in a winter wonderland.

Ok, my toes is froze and I'm getting snowflakes all over my black fur... Can we go in now?

 Ahhhh...That's what I'm talking about!

Cookie: 11/13 - meeting and greeting

Hello again!  My first full day with FM and FD was a busy one.  

And since they said it was going to be busy, I started the day with a nap once I’d had breakfast.

After mid-morning naps, we headed to the Irish Festival in Timonium, MD.  After an hour or so of meeting and greeting, I laid down for a well deserved nap.  It’s tiring getting all that petting and loving!

Yes FM.  I know.  My envelope ears are adorable.  FM won’t stop talking about them.

Hanging out with Olive and Secret while we waited for everyone to come in.

FM didn’t get a pic quick enough, but I had to check out the tiny human. 

On the way home from the Irish Festival, I decided that I’m better suited for hanging out in the second row of seats.

See how cute I am in this seat?  Could you just buckle me in here?

What?  I’m just moving from that seat to this seat.  The view is better over here.

Once home, we had an early dinner.  Seems FM and FD are still not righted around with the time change.

I’m learning to eat from a raised feeder beside Olive.  FM said I’m doing greyt.

FM here.  Seriously.  #ThoseEars <3 <3

Until next time!


Kay's Copper: 11/12 - These Paws Were Made for Walkin'

Well hey, howdy, HEY! My racing name is Kay's Copper, but Copper is just fine for me. No need to be all extra fancy with the titles. Buuuuut if you wanted to be fancy, I'll take:

Kay's Copper of the Plushy Bed Isles, Professional Leash Walker, Counter Surfer of the First Men, Baldest of Butts, King of the Couch, First of His Name

But like I said... Copper is fine... I guess.

That "Professional Leash Walker" thing, though - that actually wasn't a joke. Foster Mom says I ROCK at walking on a leash. I'm calm and walk with lots of slack most of the time! I know for some "lesser" dogs it seems like a big thing to accomplish, but I am NO. LESSER. DOG. I am fancy and shiny and regal and sophisticated.

My first few days in retirement have been pretty chill. I'm learning boundaries and the big "no-no's" of the house. You know what a couple of big "no-no's" are? 1) Doing my biz in the house and 2) Surfing on the counter. Don't these people know I was a World Champ Surfer in a former life? Let me live. I mean, seriously, I've never been inside a home before. How am I supposed to know?

Anyways, no need to worry though. Foster Mom and Foster Dad are making sure I know what's what before I go on to my forever home. (*whispers* You shoulda seen the look on their faces when they came into the kitchen with me at eye level. LOL) Nevertheless, I pinky pawmise to work on that.

(That colorful thing around my waist is a bellyband because apparently I have to earn trust not to do my business in the house before I can go without it. Geesh...)

Just me and my bald rear end supervising the playing of the iPad by the human kiddo. #baldisbeautiful

Well, I reckon that's all for now. I can't take all the spotlight as some of my other fast friends need to gloat tell you about themselves. Until next time! ~Coppaaaaaah

Cookie: 11/11 - new girl in town

Hello everyone!  New girl in town here, and I’m ready to explore #AllTheThings!  I’m keeping foster mom (FM) and foster dad (FD) on their toes.  Buuutttt that’s what you get when you have a 16 month old little girl fresh from the track!  So lets get you up to speeed.

I made the trip from the track to retirement on Saturday with FM and FD.  FM made to sure to document all of us on our adventure.  

That’s me and Copper trying to help FM be a passenger in the front seat.

Hello FM!  Need me up there?  I can help navigate.  I’m a professional.

I swear I can help drive!  Can I get up there while FD is gone?

So this happened, and I’d rather not talk about it.  I’m not sure why I ended up under Monty and Norman but here I am.

And when they wouldn’t move, I just laid down where I was.

After awhile, we arrived at GHC.  Once we were settled into our crates, all of us were fed dinner, had our pictures taken, then finished out with baths, nail trims, ear cleanings, and getting our microchips.  FM and FD loaded me back into the car after all that and we headed home.  Seems I’m going to be hanging out with two foster sisters who look like me and a little fluffy foster sister.  FM said I have to be extra nice to the fluffy one, and that works for me.  I like cats and the little dogs.

FD was handing out treats after we all did our business.  I wasn’t too sure what he was doing, but FM said I’d figure it out pretty quick.  Seems treats are a good thing.

Then it was bed time.  FM said I have to wear these pjs because it gets cold in the house.  Okay.  I’m just going to go with it.

And then my day was done!  Hooray for bedtime.  It was a busy day, and a young girl like me needs her beauty sleep.

Until next time!


Rambo: 11/9 - long time, no see

Hello fans!  Long time, no see!  I'm long overdue to let you know how I'm doing so here goes.

I've learned that naps on dog beds are the best thing ever.  I'm not your boy who will just lay on the floor.  Nope nope nope.  I love me some dog beds.  Naps on the floor are for newbies.

FM may have also found me on the couch one morning.  #NotSorry

I went to a meet and greet at the Towson PetSmart right before Halloween.  I loved meeting all the people and giving a sniff down to everything in the store.  I hope my furever family takes me back for more visits.

That's me on the left and my foster sister on the right.

Can we please take one of these home FD?

I might have been pulling my other foster sister along because I loved this place!

I spent some time loving on Scotty's human.

That's me, second dog from the right.  FM and FD didn't have costumes for us like the other cool kids.  #Slackers

Remember how I told you that I'm all about beds?  I told you they're serious business.  I love them so much that I even figured out how to roach while on one.

FM let out a squeal when she saw this.  I'm not sure what the big deal is but okay.

I love being outside smelling all the smells and checking everything out.  When I go out for a walk, I settle in after a few minutes, and take it all in.


And then there's just my cuteness that you have to revel in.  FM says I'm one of her favorite fosters ever, but I bet she says that to all the fosters.  I am pretty good looking if I do say so myself.

So word on the street is that you've got treats.

Come on FD.  What's the chance you'll let me join you up there?  Look at me.  Come on.  How can you resist my big beautiful eyes?

I love this lambchop FM.  Can you ask my furver family to get one for me please?

Okay FM.  Enough with the pics.  Can I just snuggle with lambchop in peace please?

And that's what I've been up to the last couple of weeks!  My fo-sisters have been showing me the ropes, and I can't wait for my furever home.  Will it be you?


Artex Oyster: 11/08 - Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey...GOOD BYE...heartworms.

Hey Hey Oyster fans,

It's your main pup here and I am EXCITED! Guess why? I am DONE with my heart worm treatment!  Woot Woot! Ok...maybe at this current moment foster mom is more excited than me. I'm still sleeping off the pain meds and the injection for the day. But, I've been promised no more painful injections, so I'm doing some jumps for joy on the inside.

Now that these nasty worms are going the way of the dodo, I'm so excited to start my life anew. Foster mom says I still have restricted activity for another month, but as soon as that's up, I'll be introduced to my new forever family. I can't wait to meet you if you're out there waiting for me! Be sure that you let the folks at GEGR know if you're interested in me and if they think we are a good match, we can meet!

Some things I'm looking for in a forever family:

Must be kind to me. I'm a sensitive soul.

Must not mind my constant companionship. I'll be your shadow and make sure you never feel lonely.

Must provide tasty treats and a cozy bed. I love my food and I love my comfort.

Must be willing to patiently ease me back into exercise. Think about if someone asked you to run a mile after you laid on the couch for 3 months. I need to build up my muscles and stamina before I'm turned loose again or go for a big romp.

Must love kisses and giving head rubs. I will leave the full weight of my head on your lap for snuggle time.

Bonus points: If you have another canine companion for me, it really helps me come out of my shell and live my best life, but if you don't that's ok, just know I'll never leave your side and I'll be so excited to see you when you come home.

What I can offer my new family:

Unconditional love and devotion. Help cleaning the floor of crumbs and a best friend for life.


Rebel: 10/30

Rebel is visiting us for awhile and he’s just the happiest dog. He was a little reserved for about the first two hours but because he’s so friendly and happy he meshed right in. He gives the sweetest little kisses and LOVES butt scratches! It makes the whole house happy having him here. He is highly food motivated so he’d probably do really well with a forever family who would enjoy teaching a hound a few commands/tricks. I was surprised how well he settled the first night here. Like he’s been here forever. He sniffed everything in the bedroom, then found a bed and went to sleep. He did get up when I got up in the middle of the night but when I went back to bed so did he. Good dog!!!!

Here’s a photo that captures his sweetness and happiness perfectly. Look at that tail, mid wag! He really wanted some of my scrambled eggs and even when I told him “no” his tail still wagged happily. I love his bright personality so much and so will you!

Mac's Redmond: 10/25 - Meeting and Greeting

Hey There! It's me, Red! Let me tell you all about this thing
called "Meeting and Greeting" 
So, as I've told you previously, I've been a really busy pup these past few weeks. One thing I've been doing a lot of is "Meeting and Greeting". This means I get to be introduced and hang out with new people and other pups. Who knew both people and pups came in so many different sizes?? I sure didn't. But I was really good with everyone- peeps and pups! 

Here are some photos of me at a canine event this past weekend called Chesapeake Bark in the Park: 
Interesting looking pup...Must...say...hello...
I love this meeting and greeting thing...
especially with my greyhound friends!
(I'm in the middle with the teal bandanna)
Is that a stroller for dogs??
I wonder if those come in greyhound sizes...
Some of my new greyhound friends with their stylish coats!
Maybe I'll have one of my own some day
(Psst..I look greyt in Red)
I've also been doing some meeting and greeting closer to my foster home. Here I am with some of my canine neighbors: 
Oh, what do we have here? 
No worries, I've checked it out...definitely a pup!

Well folks, that's all for now. I'll catch you later. 
More tales (tails) from retirement coming soon!